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Polarr Next is a web application. However, if you prefer to use Polarr Next without using browser tabs, you could also install our desktop app.

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Desktop App FAQ

How is Polarr Next desktop app different from Polarr Next web app?
Polarr Next desktop application uses PWA technology where the app experience is identical to our web application. The main benefit of using the desktop application is instead of using Polarr Next in browser tabs, you have a dedicated app launcher and separate application window in your operating system. Read more about PWA technology.
How do I update or delete Polarr Next desktop app?
The application is automatically updated. You do not need to update the app manually. You can uninstall Polarr Next through your operate system app settings.
Do I need internet to use the desktop app?
Yes. You will need to login with your account with an active internet connection to use the desktop app. Similar to our web application, your photos are never uploaded to our server.
Why is Google Chrome required?
Due to using PWA technology, our desktop app requires Google Chrome to be installed on your system.