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June 14, 2024

Version 1.1.1 Beta

Express AI Style setup, and manual mode
You now have the option to choose express AI setup with only one reference edit to kickoff processing. You can add more references to improve your AI later.

You can now also choose to edit your photos using manual mode. In this mode, all AI learning features are disabled but you can switch to AI processing later.
Render quality
Reduced sharpening artifacts, contrast, point color fidelity
Fixed storage and project loading related errors
May 23, 2024

Version 1.1.8 Beta

Masking, healing, and quality of life improvements
Over the last 2 months, we've conducted extensive user testing and research with our beta customers. This release includes substantial updates in masking, healing UX, as well as keyboard shortcuts, buttons, and other quality of life improvements to reduce confusion when training your AI Style.
March 29, 2024

Version 1.1.0 Beta

Transferable Healing Tool, BW mode
You can now to spot fix with our brand new healing tool, plus, your healing action are transferable to closely similar photos when you mark reference edits!

We also added BW color mode so you can edit your album in BW. BW color edits can also be used as reference edits.
Point Color Tool
We added range sliders to help you fine tune your point color adjustments.
March 4, 2024

Version 1.0.3 Beta

PWA Desktop App Installation, Point Color Tool
We added ability to install Polarr Next as a PWA desktop app and a brand new point color tools for you to pick any custom color and change it hue, sat, lum in the global adjustment panel.
Additional Formats, Highlight Colors.
Added nikon Z, D850, D710 support. Improved highlight recovery in extreme lighting cases.  
February 24, 2024

Version 1.0.0 Beta

Pre-Trained AI Styles
Added new pre-trained AI Styles and revamped the Explore page.
Color Picker, Nagivations
Added a 5x5 grid for color picker. Improved zooming performances and simpler view port navigation in compare view.
February 7, 2024

Version 0.5.4 Beta

White Balance Picker
We added a white balance picking tool to pick custom white balance.
Luminance Denoise, Color Denoise
We implemented a new set of denoise algorithms that's not only producing cleaner looking result, but also faster.
Fixed zooming panning issues when view port is small. Fix reference marking response when actions are performed too quickly. Fixed color label filtering.
January 24, 2024

Version 0.5.0 Beta

Sync Projects Meta Data
All your project meta data such as names, dates, Styles used are now synced with your account. All your RAW files and catalogue remain offline.
Histogram Clipping, Style Switching
You can now view histogram highlights and shadows clipping (including J key shortcut support). We also made it easier to switch different styles.
Viewport Glitch
Solved an issue when viewport glitches into other photos when switching among photos quickly.
January 17, 2024

Version 0.4.6 Beta

Histogram, Undo/Redo
You can now find a RGB histogram with highlights and shadows clipping toggles. Added undo and redo buttons and shortcuts for editing histories.
History Preview, Auto Masking for Brush, Brush and Pan
You can now however on history entries to preview editing steps. When you brushing, edge detection is now default on to help you refine edges. Lastly, you can now hold the space key while brushing to pan or zoom around the view port.
January 8, 2024

Version 0.4.5 Beta

Pre-Trained AI Styles, Grain Tools, Brush Masks
You can now find 6 pre-trained AI Styles in the new section called "Explore". We also added a grain tool with size and roughness control. Lastly, we added brush masks where you can add, erase adjustments through brushing on your photo. You can combine and subtract brush masks with any other masks (i.e. background, subject, or gradient)
Preset Strength, Preset Preview
You can now adjust preset strength from 0% to 200%. You can now also preview the preset by hovering your mouse on the preset selector.
December 21, 2023

Version 0.4.0 Beta

Adaptive Subject, Background, Sky Masks; JPEG support
You can now use Adaptive AI segmentation masks in Polarr Next, as well as importing JPEG and filter your project by file formats.
Keyboard Shortcuts, Exposure Accuracy
We added additional keyboard shortcuts mirroring LR, and improved our auto exposure algorithm for a more natural look.
Masking Overlays, Processing Issues
We addressed numerous UX details around masking overlays, as well as issues where processing could get stuck.
November 17, 2023

Version 0.3.2 Beta

Adaptive Radial, Gradient Masks; Lens Profiles
Added Adaptive Radial and Gradient Masking, added automatic lens profile correction for popular lenses.
New AI Style Setup Flow; Forward Only Processing; Speed Optimizations
You can now choose which photos to edit as reference during AI Style setup, and determine whether the AI should only edit subsequent photos while processing. We also made processing speed 30% faster.
Oct 13, 2023

Version 0.1.7 Beta

Perspective Tools, Keyboard Shortcuts
Added Lightroom-like perspective tools and auto vertical tools. Implemented shortcut keys for common actions and buttons.
Export Settings, Fast Image Preview
Added more options to export image such as DPI and more flexible naming configurations. Added fast image preview to see image right away when navigating.
Sep 18, 2023

Version 0.1.5 Beta

AI Adaptive Crop
Polarr Next AI can now learn your crop preference for your reference photos. This could be turned off in settings.
Project customization, Default Presets
Added ability to rearrange photos in project, create virtual copies, and hide photos. Expanded from previous 4 to now 60 default presets specifically targeting weddings with various nuanced and subtle looks.
Windows Controls
Fixed scroll bar issues, shortcut key issues on Windows.
August 23, 2023

Version 0.1.3 Beta

Projects and Style management
Added homepage for projects and styles. Allowing re-using existing Styles for new projects.
AI Feedback, Lock mechanism
The AI now prioritize processing on visible images first. Improved edit locking to default lock images when images are manually edited.
Crashes and freezes
Lowered RAM and GPU consumption and stabilize performance on older Apple devices.
Aug 11 2023

Version 0.1.1 Beta

Initial release
Added AI training through providing 10-20 reference edits to setup your AI Style. Added comprehensive tools mirroring Lightroom Classic for fine tuning. Allow marking more reference edits to provide instant feedback to the AI to reprocessing photos.

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