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Stunning Edits,

With Polarr Next, importing and editing photos is always free. Pay only when you choose to export. No credit card required.

Polarr Next is a new magical way to edit your photos. With groundbreaking, ultra-responsive AI that mirrors your editing style in real-time, it cuts 80% of your workflow as a standalone application.

STEP 1/3

Select folder

Import thousands of RAWs at mind-blowing speed, thanks to Polarr Next's proprietary web processing engine.

Your files aren't uploaded and remain offline.

STEP 2/3

Edit a few references

Polarr Next automatically suggests photos for you to edit as references, with comprehensive tools built-in.

Or choose pre-trained Polarr Next AI Styles.

STEP 3/3

Your AI
edits the rest

Review results right away. Tweak edits to teach AI to rework your photos on the fly.

Your AI gets smarter as you make changes.

Enjoy your
free time

Instant AI updates from every change you make

Lightning-fast browser imports, without cloud uploading

Thanks to Polarr Next's propriety RAW engine, your files remain offline.

Adaptive Learning for all types of masks

Polarr Next learns how you use radial, gradient, subject, background masks etc.

Or train your own AI to master all lighting conditions

Original vs AI Style samples trained by Polarr Next users↓

productivity boost"

Tamiya Joseph Photography
Polarr has literally made my dreams come true! The hours I spend editing have been cut significantly with their unique approach to the image editing. I am absolutely blown away with the consistency, quality, and ease of use of Polarr Next.
Alina Roz Photography
Incorporating Polarr Next into my workflow has been a game-changer. Next's ability to analyze your style and edit galleries is a WOW. The speed and ease with which these tools enhance my photos are truly impressive, and it didn’t take long to get used to it. The results look just like my galleries that I edited in Lightroom.
A Tale Ahead Photography
A huge portion of the time we spend editing weddings is taken up by ensuring that photos taken throughout the wedding day with different lighting conditions all end up forming a cohesive and consistent gallery, and Polarr Next magically takes care of that process with very little manual work.
Over Power Production
I can't believe how much the Polarr Next AI photo editing app has transformed my life. It's like having a personal editing assistant that not only saves me time but also empowers creativity into new projects. Gone are the days of being glued to my computer screen for hours on end. Now, I can focus on capturing moments and ideas, knowing that the Next app will handle the editing seamlessly.

Founders Pricing

With Polarr Next, importing and editing photos is always free. Pay only when you choose to export. No credit card required.
Pay as you go
$0.05 /export
One time purchases.
  • Unlimited AI edits
  • Only pay for export
Billed monthly.
  • Unlimited AI edits
  • Unlimited exports
Founders Unlimited
Billed monthly, first 500 subscribers.
  • Unlimited AI edits
  • Unlimited exports
$1,559/yr, billed yearly.
  • Unlimited AI edits
  • Unlimited exports
Founders Unlimited
$599/yr, first 500 subscribers.
  • Unlimited AI edits
  • Unlimited exports
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Frequently asked questions

Why is Polarr Next a web application?
Web apps give Polarr Next benefits like persistence, immediate updates, and cross-platform compatibility. With today's mature WebGPU tech, web applications often match or even surpass native capabilities due to its streamlined infrastructure. We see a growing trend as companies, like Canva and Figma, prioritize web-based experiences. Read more in our blog post.
What are the system and browser requirements?
Next requires Google Chrome, and doesn't work in Safari or Microsoft Edge. We recommend at least an Apple M1 processor for macOS users, and at least RTX 2060 or newer GPU for Windows users.
Where is my data stored?
Next stores editing and AI training data locally on your computer so that you could back it up easily with any cloud storage provider. Even though your photos show up inside the browser, they are never uploaded to the cloud. Only your account and payment information is synced to the cloud.
What parameters can Polarr Next learn?
Polarr Next currently learns all global and local adjustment parameters you see in Adobe Lightroom Classic such as Lighting, Coloring, HSL, Curves, Detail, Vignette, Crop, as well as all masks such as radial, gradient, subject, background masks.
Can I use Lightroom in conjunction with Polarr Next?
Polarr Next has built-in editing tools that mirror the majority of Lightroom's global and local adjustment tools, and can convert and import Lightroom Presets. In the future, you can also export XMP files to continue editing with Lightroom.
Who / What is Polarr?
Polarr is the company behind Polarr Next. Polarr has been making photo and video applications for creators since 2015, with the mission to enable everyone to be a creator of beautiful content. Visit Polarr's Homepage.

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